Our Projects Undertaken

LOMEF has  acquired three pieces of land to establish an orphanage home to shelter and mould these young and brilliant children who are referred to as our future leaders.

Project/Programmes of activities.

These are the various activities which were carried out at various communities and institutions as well as families and individuals.


This is one of the main activities projects being carried out by this organization with the aim of supporting needy but brilliant school going children and also to boost enrollment and encourage whiles ensuring that, they are kept in school. In September of 2017, this activity was carried out in consonant with the national my first day at school.

In all, a total of two hundred (200) school going children were provided with school going materials such as school uniforms, school bags, shoes, etc in ten (10) basic schools within the Metropolis.

The table below contains the names and locations of the schools whose pupils benefited from the back to school supply day programme.

1. Odumase Extension Basic Krofrom / Ash-Town 20
2. Pakyi No. 2 Islamic Basic Pakyi No. 2 20
3. Nasrudeen Islamic Basic Mempe Asem/ Ksi. 20
4. Abdul Sammad Memorial Islamic Basic New Zongo, Ksi. 20
5. Ghana Muslim Mission Basic Akwatia-line, Ksi. 20
6. Wataniyya Islamic Basic Alabar, Manhyia 20
7. Afia Kobi Basic Ash-Town, Ksi. 20
8. Al-Huda Islamic Basic Moshie Zongo 20
9. Mountain of Light Basic Atasomanso, Ksi. 20
10. King Faisal Islamic Basic Suame, Ksi. 20



The foundation under took three (3) donation activities to three schools within the Metropolis namely; Ibadur Rahman Senior High School- Boubai in the Asokore Mampong Municipality, Wataniya Basic school-Manhyia and Prempeh College all in this Metropolis.

At Ibadur Rahman Senior High School- Boubai, the administration and head teacher was handed learning and teaching materials, stationeries such calculators, rulers, pens, books etc. This was to boost and ensure that, teaching and learning is strengthened.

Also, at the Wataniya Basic school-Manhyia, one hundred (100) school going pupils were provided with school uniforms. This is to encourage higher retention of school children in school.

Again, students of the Prempeh College were also given food stuffs as way of donation to aid them during the fasting period.



It is also the aim of the organization to assist and provide medical support to persons with chronic ailments but sometimes foot the medical bills of some patients and also to sensitize the communities in which we work on health issues and to seek for early treatment.

The medical bills for treatment of a cancer patient by name of Sister Sadiya at Sawaba in the Asokore Mampong Municipal. She was treated and discharge but past away after seven months even though reports from her monthly medical reviews indicated that she was doing great medically.

Similarly, a medical screening for breast cancer was organized by the foundation for women and girls of Asokore Mampong Municipality at Islamic Education Unit Hall, Kumasi Central Mosque in collaboration with the Onchology Department of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) on July 5th 2018. The screening was carried out to educate women and girls on prevention of breast cancer through self examination for early detection, frequent medical screening for breast cancer and seeking early treatment for early intervention and treatment.

A total of about 600 women and girls were screened and those in need of further examination counselled to visit the nearest health centre for attention. Feedback from the community was positive. As such, similar exercise are planned to be undertaken in other communities.

The Foundation again with its role in ensuring and improving health care within its operational communities registered and renewed two hundred (200) pupils of the Afia Kobi Basic School, Nurul Islam, Ansar El Islamic school and the Krobo Extension Basic schools. These children were selected after they were identified by the schools authorities as not being insured for health insurance. This is to ensure not only accessibility but also affordability of health towards the sustainable development goals.



The Foundation believes in the effect an environment would post on a school pupil. Thus to say, the better the environment the better the teaching and learning. With this, the school building of the Kindergarten Classroom of the Abdul Samad Memorial Islamic School at New Zongo in the Asokore Mampong Municipality was renovated and subsequently adopted as the Lean On Me Foundation Block. This is to ensure a sustained relationship with the school for the long term on development basis.



In the bid to encourage the girl child to stay in school and to study for a better future, that is promoting Girl-Child Education, two dinners were carried out. , the first dinner was during the 2017 Eid, for Muslim girls at the Republic Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for Senior high school (SHS) girls. This is to recognize girls who are being graduated for successfully completing their Senior High School education. This is also to serve as encouragement for girls who are still in school to focus on their education and study hard in other to come out with flying colours.

In 2018, a similar dinner was organized for girls of the Haafizaat for their excellent performance in their memorizing the Holy Quran. This is also in recognition of their efforts as girls performing equally if not excellently than their male counterparts at school.



These are activities that are only educational base for student preparing for higher education after the senior high schools. Under these activities, admission forms, school fees and sometimes admission fees are provided to needy but brilliant students identified by the Foundation.

Seven (7) students namely; Sampson Nkansah, Abdul Salam, Adeliade Kumah, Rahmatu Mohammed, Fauziya Abdul Rauf, Issah Zakairah Firdaws and Issah Arimeyawu were assisted by the Foundation to purchase admission forms towards high education into various Tertiary education.

Two other pupils of the Ghana Mission School’s fees were paid for the 2017/2018 academic year after their parents were unable to pay for their school fees.



Obaapa Mariam School ,Eastern Region Akuse/VRA located at Asutuare Sugar Factory.  The school is in Eastern Region as one of those schools under tree.



The Foundation faced lots of challenges, some of which includes;

  1. Lack of funds and resources to meet out daily administrative and project implementations.
  2. Lack of collaboration of parents and guardians of brilliant but needy children with regards to ensuring the children are prepared to go to school daily.
  3. Resources to meet request by other institutions and families.
  4. Collaboration with other NGOs operating in the same localities.



We would like to commend the effort and hard work of all our community coordinators and board of directors as well as management team for their selfless contribution towards the sustainability of the organization.

Also, persons and organization that did supported our programmes and activities in various forms and capacities.