Ashanti Military Veterans Honoured


Ashanti Military Veterans Honoured



Lean On Me Foundation (LOMEF), a Ghanaian – USA based non-profit organizationin conjunction with the Veterans Administration of Ghana (VAG), Kumasi headquarters honoured to celebrate our military veterans.

The ceremony was attended by about 200 men and women of the veterans Administration Ghana as they were served with food and drinks amid singing and chanting of the popular songs of the army and as it was clarified, by the founder and CEO of LOMEF, Imam Firdaws Ladan in his opening address, he explained that, “we are celebrating by honouring you guys to show our appreciation for the selfless and brave sacrifice you rendered for our dear nation” touching on the mission of LOMEF, Imam Ladan added that the preoccupation of the foundation is to help the poor, brilliant children whose parents can not afford to sponsor them further their higher education, to help in as much as possible to bring about good health in the communities as well as helping the marginalized and the deprived in the communities, which is why LOMEF thought it wise to extend this philanthropic gesture to the Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG) which in his assertion can be seen to be deprived because they are made up of old-aged.

In his closing remarks, the chairman for the occasion, the renowned lecturer at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Sheikh Dr. Seebawayh Zakariah recommended, “we should eschew the culture of indiscipline and emulate the culture of discipline and respect that the army or the veterans possess at all times so that together, we can have a very discipline society.

Among other dignitaries at the historic ceremony were Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim, Wangara chief of Ashanti, Ashanti Regional Chief Imam of Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jama’a, Sheikh Dr. Ismaeel Saeed, Ashanti Regional administrator of Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG) Mr. Appiah,  representative of the Sergeant Major, Assembly member of Akwatia line electoral area Hon. Hafiz Alhassan Daras and some head of educational institutions were in attendance.




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